In 1872, Tuttle and Co. of Rutland, Vermont published a book written by A.M. Caverly, M.D. entitled The History of the Town of Pittsford, Vt., with Biographical Sketches and Family Records. In the preface to his book, Caverly wrote:

"The writer of this History, animated by a love for historical and antiquarian researches, some years ago commenced to collect interesting incidents relating to the early settlement of Pittsford. This was done with a view to his own gratification, rather than with the intention of writing a book. But the materials, which soon accumulated on his hands, were of so much interest to himself that it was conceived they might afford pleasure to others."

How right he was! Anyone with more than a casual interest in Hendee history is quite familiar with The History of the Town of Pittsford, Vt., often referred to only as Caverly.

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