David Petrie has been researching the Hendee Family for almost 35 years and has accumulated volumes of information contributed by other Hendee family members and researchers. He has gathered together all of this in a single document which is a valuable resource for anyone interested in Hendee history.

The following document traces all known descendants of Richard Hendy who is thought to have been born about 1585, possibly in Normandy, France. Many researchers have unselfishly contributed to this document. They all deserve a thank you from those who profit from its use. Personal email addresses have been removed from the document with one exception, my own. Should you want to contact an individual, send me your own email address and the person you want to contact. I will forward your request to the person you wish to contact and ask them to contact you. Note that many of the email addresses I have are old and may no longer be good but I will attempt to forward your contract request. Should you have questions about this document or about the Hendee family in general, feel free to contact me. David Petrie - [email protected]

Click HERE to view Dave Petrie's document. [NOTE: This is a very large (211 MB) document. It may take a long time to download completely.