In 1779 the Board of War overseeing the American Continental Army approved the building of a fort at Pittsford, Vermont for the protection of settlers from attack by Indians and Tories. Major Ebenezer Allen, a cousin to Ethan Allen, was brought in to construct the fort. He chose a location on the property of our ancestor Caleb Hendee, Sr. to build the fort.

In 1976, the Pittsford Historical Society published "Pittsford Gleanings, Vol II" which chronicles the life of its builder, Ebenezer Allen. Cynthia Ann Hendee Henry annotated this publication with clarifications and references to other publications and mentions of our some of our ancestors. Very interesting document.

Please contact the Pittsford Historical Society to obtain the publication "Pittsford Gleanings, Volume II." There are 25 pages plus soft cover, 8.5" x 11". Price is $5.00 plus postage. For more information, contact Peggy Armitage, PHS Trustee at [email protected] .

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