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Our Family History contains genealogical and family history information about the descendants of Richard Hendee and Hannah Elderkin. Richard was the first of the line in the New World, thought to have arrived in Massachusetts from England in about 1660. Hannah was the daughter of John Elderkin who, between 1630 and 1670, designed and constructed more than 25 water-powered corn and saw mills in New England. Other surnames of interest in the Hendee Family Tree include Ellsworth, Allen, Millington, Holcomb/Holcombe, Holliday/Halladay and Harrington.

Early generations of Hendees helped settle Vermont and Connecticut and served the cause of independence during the Revolutionary War period. Hendees served under Benedict Arnold, Ethan Allen, and the Green Mountain Boys in the First Battle of Ticonderoga, under General, then Captain, Israel Putnam in the French & Indian War, and in General George Washington’s Guard.

Notable persons with ties to the Hendee line include Revolutionary War patriot Ethan Allen; the 3rd U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice Oliver Ellsworth; his son William Wolcott Ellsworth, the 30th Governor of Connecticut; and George Whitman Hendee, the 32nd Governor of Vermont. Of more recent note is George Mallory Hendee, high wheel bicycle champion and founder of the Hendee Manufacturing Co., precursor to the Indian Motorcycle Co. See "Prominent Hendees" in the Features window for more information these and additional persons of interest.

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Disclaimer: As are all Family Histories, this is a work in progress. I began gathering the information about the Hendees using Ancestry.com as my primary source. Initially just for my own curiosity, I never intended for it to be an authentic genealogy in the strict sense of the word. There is information included here from other family trees and other sources which may or may not be documented, but I have done my best to present data that I feel is reasonably accurate.

I encourage feedback, corrections and other additional information. If you discover any record you believe is in error, please help me to correct it by clicking Contact Us on any page.

Acknowledgements: Most of the information in this database comes directly from the GEDCOM generated by my Ancestry.com site. This website, however, could not have happened without the inspiration and encouragement of Cynthia Ann Hendee Henry (3rd cousin 1x removed) and 2nd cousin Derek John Stafford. To Cynthia, I especially owe a great debt of gratitude for showing me how much fun searching for family can be. Derek is a great researcher, excited about finding out all he can from sometimes obscure Hendee sources. Thanks to both of you.

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